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Terms of Use
Welcome to Gbusiness Terms of Use!

In this terms of service section, we are listing some legal terms applicable to all those people visiting our website or taking our services. The terms listed here are beneficial for both you and us. Hope, you will take care of these terms of services and make the service experience enjoyable for everyone.

From the behalf of Gbusiness, we offer a wide array of features and services based on the terms given below:

What is our purpose?

Gbusiness services provide users the capability of generating fully functional and beautiful online presence. Applying services, a user can manage and promote business, content & ideas. For making this possible, we make available several tools and functionalities for creating, publishing and using impressive websites. Our terms of service cover the information that you use for accessing websites, products, applications, and features.

Legal Agreement

Gbusiness terms of use along with additional terms that apply some of our features & services displayed on Gbusiness website. All predecided terms of service rules are applicable to each visitor or user of website, Gbusiness mobile application and services offered by us.

The Gbusiness terms include a legal contract between Gbusiness.co and you in relation with any of Gbusiness services. Therefore read them carefully.

You can visit Gbusiness website and App once you completely agree to Gbusiness terms, and after registration of any services, you confirm your acceptance to our terms of use.

User Account

For accessing features of Gbusiness services, at first, you need to create an account with Gbusiness. If anyone else accesses your account or any of the Gbusiness platform associated with Gbusiness, makes some modifications or certain unacceptable changes to your user account and accepts any of our terms without your consent– All such activities will be understood to have been performed on your behalf.

We strongly recommend you to maintain the confidentiality of your user account, and only give access to people whom you trust. ( As for all activities you will be fully responsible and they can cause any kind of losses, expenses or damages).

  • While registering in the user account, you must provide accurate & complete information that is completely owned by you.
  • Also, we recommend you to give accurate contact, bulling and mailing details that will help us to determine the actual ownership of user account.
  • Gbusiness holds the right to set & determine the ownership of content, or website used by users.
  • In case there arises any dispute regarding the ownership of user account, we hold the rights to decide the actual ownership of the account depending upon our reasonable judgment.
  • If we’re not able to determine the ownership of an account, we hold the right to suspend that particular account.
  • The person having access to the email address listed in Gbusiness records will be considered as the owner of the user account.

Terms For Paid Services Fees By Gbusiness

Using some of the Gbusiness services may require payment of specific fees as described by Gbusiness step by step respectively. If you want to take benefit from our services, you need to pay all applicable fees in advance. We recommend that before proceeding for final payment, please read our terms & conditions carefully.

  • Gbusiness possesses its own rights to change its fees anytime.
  • There is no refund policy of any service purchased by you, however, we ensure you will be provided the best service experience which you will not get from anyone else in the market.
  • After successful payment of the prescribed amount decided for a particular service, our teammates will contact you to understand your needs and offer services accordingly.
  • We will keep updating you the status of work through your registered Email id and phone number.
  • In case of modification in service plans, you can anytime contact our support staff.
  • The timeframe for completion of project or services will be decided by our team after going through your requirement.
  • We, although ensure you to provide you the best services within the decided time frame, still do not take guarantee for it. It is because there are many conditions which may cause a delay in services.

User Agreement and Legal Acceptance:

The terms of use are entered between you, and G-Business. The following terms & conditions with documents expressly incorporated by reference, govern your access of using G-Business along with any content, functions as well as services.

I recommend you to go through terms of use very carefully before starting our app. By using our app or clicking acceptance of terms of use, you agree our bonds related to terms of use like privacy policy & cookies policy, change of terms, disclaimer, etc.

We have tried a lot to make the agreement fair & straightforward, in case of confusion you can contact us and get a suggestion.

You Agree That:

  • You are eligible to use our website & services. You are at least 13, or of the legal age decided by the legal authorities in your country.
  • You agree that Gbusiness does not provide any legal advice or recommendation related to legal laws or needs applicable to use of you and any your end users.
  • You hold rights to any content uploaded or provided by you on your user platform including design, image, animation, audio, logo, code, video, usernames, etc.
  • Also, you have the full power and authority to use the content as needed to legally access, copy, use, transfer such user content by you.
  • You accept that user content is true, does not violate any third party norms and lawful to upload, post or display in a country where your users and platform visitors reside.
  • You have received all permissions that are needed under all prevalent laws related to posting, transmitting and publishing any personal information that is part of user content.
  • Listings of adult websites, escort or prostitution services, adult toys, or explicit content such as images or videos will be deleted immediately.

You Agree and Accept not to:

  • Copy, modify, create derivative works of download, adapt, emulate or migrate to another service or disassemble the Gbusiness, Gbusiness services or content provided by us or third party services for use & display within user platforms.
  • Submit, display or transmit user content in a mean to defame, obscene, threaten, harass, obscene, fraudulent, deceptive conduct encouraging criminal activity.
  • Use illegal action for collecting login credentials for other websites, software or services.
  • Make an available credit card or other financial information required to collect payments unless the payment is done according to applicable law.
  • Use a robot or another automatic device, program, algorithm or similar relative process for monitoring any segment of Gbusiness services.
  • Act something negative that can spoil the goodwill and reputation of Gbusiness.

Ownership Rights

Users Intellectual Property

Between Gbusiness and user, you hold all intellectual property in relation to your user content & related materials created by you including images, animations, video files, logos, code, interfaces, text, etc. Gbusiness does not claim ownership on content published by you. To grant service, you know well and agree with our access, upload or copy of user content to our platform.

Gbusiness Intellectual Property

All rights including any copyrighted material or other content that may be subject to intellectual property rights followed by applicable law are governed by Gbusiness. In association with Gbusiness terms and timely payment of applicable fees, Gbusiness allows you creating a user account for the time Gbusiness wishes to deliver you with it's services.

Who can use the website ?

The website is accessible by users above the age of 13 years, either for personal usage or for professional usage. By using the website you accept that

  • Your age is 13 years or above
  • You are not barred of using websites under any applicable law
  • You’re using the site only for your personal usage

Changes in terms of use

Our terms of use can be updated or revised from time to time on our sole authorization. All changes are made under our sole discretion. After the change in our terms of use, your continued usage of the website means you accept new updates in our terms of use.

Accessing website and security of your account

We hold the right to withdraw and make changes in website or material in our sole discretion without notice. We disclaim our responsibility for the availability of website content always, it can be some time interrupted due to some reasons. We disclaim our liability in case any part of our website content is not available to you any time.

You are responsible to

  • Make all arrangements for you for accessing websites
  • Make sure all persons accessing our website are completely aware of terms of use & agree with them

Prohibited Uses

You accept that you will use the website only for legal purposes along with accepting all terms of use. You will not use the website:

  • In any means violating any applicable federal, state, national or international law.
  • To harm, exploit or make a considerable attempt or harm minors in order to expose them towards inappropriate content.
  • Send, receive, upload or download any material that does not comply with the terms of use
  • To impersonate or try to impersonate our website, or someone associated with us using related mail addresses or names.
  • Transfer or procurement of sending, advertising or promoting material without our prior consent.

Reliability of Information

The information either available on the website or made available through any source related to the website is only for general purpose use. We do not claim any completeness or usefulness of this information. In case you rely on certain information, it will be at your own risk. This website includes certain content provided by third-party users like bloggers, reporting services, licensors, etc. Such opinions are do not represent our opinion, neither we are liable for the accuracy of the content of any materials provided by third parties.

Refund Policy

There is no provision of refund of any service purchased by you, however, we ensure that you will be provided the best service experience which you will not get from anyone else in the market.

Cancellation Policy

You are free to cancel our subscription whenever you want.

Once you cancel our subscription, your Gbusiness account will be deactivated and your hosted website will be removed from our server. The amount you have paid will not be refunded.

Warranty Disclaimers

The complete G-Business team works hard at it's full, however, the services provided are as is without warranties. G-Business takes no guarantee or representation that services will :

  • Be uninterrupted, error-free or on time
  • Fulfill all your expectations or needs
  • Be free from 100% vulnerability

But, we will try our level best to provide services with the utmost care.