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the best or nothing

Music is one of the highest aesthetic art forms on earth and we believe it is very important to life and the survival of the society at large, thus we have a goal - Aesthetic music in a drug-free culture

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how everything began

Like many great stories this one started with an idea, with the enthusiasm and with the work. We are now an international company, with an in-house recording studio, in-house graphic design and in-house mastering

talented artists

talented artists

Harmony has been awarded the prestigious "Medal of Science & Art" of the Albert Schweitzer Society NTFO. Also we were matched as the best artists of 2016 by Milano version

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Felicia Bardo

Becoming someone $11.99

Anthony Burdas

Final trip To Nowhere $9.99

John Black

Just try to fly $6.99

Linda Parcher

I'm everywhere $8.99

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